Stamboom ZoŽ

Orlane's Impudent of windwick
Orlane's first mate
Orlane's the black cat
Orlane's Terri
Choisy crace v.d. Pacific Paradise
San Francisco v.d. Pacific Paradise
Sharbils one man show
T-Ritz winks-n-stuff
Ch. Vanilla ice v.d. Pacific Paradise
Orlane's Bubblicious
Happiness is easy z Czanca
Ch. Orlane's american made
Orlane's Catamaran
Orlane's Inimitable
Ch. Orlane's Nellie bligh
Orlane's Maple sugar
Ch. Unique girl Azurow Amhara
Ch. Orlane's Easy does it
Ch. Prince of Darknes Sylena
Ch. Orlane's Let's make a deal
Ch. Orlane's Benson
Ch. Orlane's Fools gold
Ch. Silver ghost Sylena
Ch. Orlane's Fools's gold
Orlane's Impudent of windwick
Orlane's OJ
Orlane's Bubblicious
Orlane's Francine
Hylan shotru Snow Bird
Orlane's Impudent of windwick